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Hi there, and welcome!

I'm Carole.

I enjoy climbing trees, and managing complex humanitarian projects.

I’m a devoted (twin) mother, a dedicated partner, and a wild thing. 

I treasure rigorous intellectualism, and total surrender to the great cosmic play.


The key word is AND.

My point is, this life gets to be everything you want it to be.

I believe that all our inclinations, quirks and peculiarities are gifts, clues that show us the way home,

   that by embracing this you get to be more and more yourself and thrive effortlessly, not in spite of it, but precisely because of it,

   that it’s possible to live our lives from a place of trust and with an ever renewed sense of awe and possibility.

...and that you don't need to give up anything you love in order to grow and expand.

Magic is here all around us, and the path I’m inviting you on will take you from “but I can’t” to experiencing aliveness and ecstasy beyond what your mind told you was possible.

Feeling curious? 

Click below to answer a few questions about yourself, and I will be in touch for a free consult. I work in English and in French.

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