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Existential Joy

An embodied journey into the heart of your sensuality and self expression

Welcome!! This programme is for women who want to align with the deepest source of creativity there is.​


The powerful, life-giving energy in their body.

The well from which springs their inner wisdom and guidance.

The fire of aliveness that unites head, heart, and body into an unstoppable force of love and expression.

You are invited to reclaim your source of pleasure, wisdom, and joy in your life. 

You are invited to feel your full vitality and creative power. 


You are invited to step into a wholeness and presence that will deeply fulfill and transform your life.


Come and remember how to be connected with yourself and live your life in the most ecstatic way: fully present, fully embodied, fully alive. 



It’s time to stop living in your head and step into embodied pleasure - each and every day. 

It’s time to express yourself and take space in your life. 

Let's start with the state of affairs...Do you recognize yourself in the following?

  • Everything is part of a to-do list.

Even fun! You often feel depleted, disconnected from your aliveness. You feel time is running out…all the time


  • Prioritizing relaxation is hard, and even when you take time for yourself, your mind stays “on”.

You’re in your head more often than not, also when you’d rather not be (say, when you are walking in nature…or in the bedroom). When you’re with your loved ones, you’re preoccupied with what’s next instead of enjoying the moment. 

  • You feel blocked in your expression (or consider yourself not to be creative at all).

You want to express yourself more, but you don’t know how. You feel you need to be “more” skilled, ready, gifted, knowledgeable, etc) before you let yourself be creative and expressed. 

  •  You feel guilty that you want more to yourself. It's hard to say no, you fear appearing selfish or uncaring.

lr Boudoir Carole - Shapes & Shadows Boudoir-26.jpg

Sounds familiar?

I spent most of my life like this.

On the outside my life looked great. I had 2 masters degrees, a great job, a nice house, and 2 healthy kids. I had most of what I wanted (and more!) yet I could not figure out how to truly ENJOY it.


I was always tired, frazzled, stressed, running out of time. I was so busy keeping other people happy that I forgot to make my own life meaningful. I thought I could will myself back to life by setting new goals, striving even harder, and doing everything I could to keep moving “forward.”


But even as my accomplishments built up, even as I did rewarding work, mothered my amazing twins, took yoga classes,  did all the things…I felt numb, anxious, dissociated. I thought that I would be happy when I achieved my goals, but the “if___ then___” formula wasn’t working. Instead of being happier or more content, I felt grey, empty, and like my life was passing me by.


I knew something had to change when I realised I was not looking forward to my life anymore: I felt I was done already and all the fun was behind me. And I was only 30!

So I set on a journey of self-discovery, starting with the usual: sitting on a meditation cushion, self-help books, green juices etc… which was all great, yet not exactly life altering (and honestly...a bit boring).

Then came the game changer...A jade egg.



A little green stone. That you put in your vagina.


"Wait, you put WHAT?? WHERE??"


Yeah, right!


That's how I reacted at first, too!


Till I gave it a try (...because we only have one life, right?)

If you had told me putting a stone up there would change my life I would have said you were CRAZY. 

But then I started experiencing cosmic, full-body, out-of-this-world pleasure. 

And not only. Rapidly, this practice literally turned my life inside out in the best of ways. 

It was like I’d pushed through a veil that had been there since forever, weighing on my heart and mind, sitting between me and my full aliveness. 


Beyond that veil, life was magic and sparkly.. I felt energetic, creative, confident and expressive.

Screenshot 2023-02-12 at 15.55.35.png

I began to experience life changing shifts...and it showed!

People started complimenting me on how radiant I looked. 

My kids started saying I was "fun" again.

I laughed much more often. 

I started writing again. 

I picked up the guitar to sing and write songs.

I became (SO MUCH!) more orgasmic. 

I learnt how to say no much more comfortably

I fell in love with my body

I did new things spontaneously (and without overthinking)

I felt full of excitment and aliveness: connecting to my sexual energy plugged me back into my life.

It's never too late...

The truth is, life is too short to spend it all stressed out.

If you wait until your busy life gives you a break before you contemplate what you want, we are in trouble. 


The good news is: 

It’s never too late to become fully alive.

It’s never too late to become self-expressed.

It’s never too late to become orgasmic. 


But it does start HERE and NOW. 

By being so present to yourself, to your life, in each and every moment. Every minute is an opportunity to pay attention, to recenter, to marvel, to find inspiration. 

What would it mean for you to feel more expressed? More yourself? 

What would it mean to feel more aliveness and pleasure in your life? 

Ask yourself.


This work isn’t fluff. It isn’t superficial. 


It is an act of radical devotion to the most sacred and precious thing you have. Your life.

You deserve nothing less!

Pleasure is a revolutionary act

Taking responsibility for your self-expression and pleasure is a revolutionary act that will change the course of your life. Living in total connection to your body and fully expressing your soul longings makes you a better partner, parent, friend and co-worker. It makes the world a better, more joyful and resilient place. 


Yet all our life we were taught to look at pleasure and at the body through a suspicious, even downright dismissive lens. We were taught it was dirty, shameful and even dangerous. 


And by doing so we have cut ourselves from a crucial part of our power, aliveness, and creative expression.



Embracing your body and sensuality, and re-discovering them without prejudice will radically change your life, as it did mine!!


  • It will help you let go of long-held pain

  • It will help you feel safe and sensual

  • It will make your heart explode with love. 

  • It will show you that even the most mundane can be a source of wonder and ecstasy. 

  • It will teach you to trust your own wisdom and guidance

  • It will give you meaning and purpose everyday

  • It will teach you to use your voice to make the world a more magical place. 

  • It will tell you what needs to change in your life. 

Forest Scene

This is for you if...

you feel called to reclaim your ecstatic, creative nature, and you are excited to explore your sensuality and pleasure as part of the journey. 


If you desire:


  • Enhanced sensitivity, and awakened sensuality

  • To benefit from renewed creative inspiration

  • To experience spaciousness in your life

  • To feel more energy/aliveness in your body

  • To feel connected with yourself and love yourself deeply. 

  • To feel enchanted by your life

What is included

  • 9 sessions: 6 coaching sessions + 3 guided jade egg rituals over three months

  • Somatic tools to bring you into deep pleasure that you can use for a lifetime

  • A jade egg made from high quality nephrite jade from Canada together with instructions on how to use it confidently and pleasurably. 

  • Individualised homeplay and e-mail support between sessions

  • A safe and non-judgemental space with a skilled practitioner committed to your pleasure, growth, expansion, and evolution. 

At the moment, the investment is 1500 euros. 

 A note on the cost: I am committed to making this work available to as many people who want it: I never want money to be the reason we don’t work together, so do feel free to reach out if you desire to come up with a plan that works for you.

Forest Sunrays

In this journey together, we will create a context for aliveness, creativity and pleasure to flow in your life. You will: 


  • adopt pleasurable, devotional self-care habits 

  • show up for yourself

  • increase your orgasmic capacity through pelvic floor healing with the jade egg. 

  • create a sacred space in your life for self expression and creativity.

  • process negative conditioning, shame and limiting beliefs. 

  • learn how to move safely through stuck emotions

  • learn to set loving and firm boundaries


If you have decided to honour yourself and what lights you up in this lifetime, in a fiery devotion to the magic of life.


If you want to live aligned with your truest, most authentic self, connected to your body, to nature and to life herself.



….and if you want to experience ecstasy, pleasure, and feel nourished and empowered by your sensual nature.

Then it would be my honour to support you.



A love note to you

It means the world to me that people take joy in their life seriously: I truly believe it makes all the difference once we lie on our deathbed, and that a joy-led life is an antidote to regret. 


Choosing to embark on a coaching trajectory can be a difficult decision (I should know, it took me years of contemplation before I hired my first 1-on-1 support!), but I want you to know you are so worthy of getting support for your beautiful, precious life. 


I would love you to hop on a call with me to discuss your situation and what would support you best in your next steps. 


I will never push you to buy from me. 


I trust your timing, I trust your power, I trust your choice. And I look forward to meeting you!


I am certified in the VITA coaching methodology from Layla Martin, a comprehensive 1000 h sex, love and relationship certification. I have further specialized further in teaching with the yoni/jade egg.

I am also certified as a Mastery Method Coach by the Institute for Coaching Mastery, using a comprehensive 5-level intervention (somatic, emotional, mental, behavioral and unconscious) to achieve lasting transformation.


Finally, my teaching is informed by my decade-long spiritual practice in non-dual teachings, my experience as a twin mum, as a scientist with 2 master degrees in chemistry and pharmaceutical neurosciences, and serving as a training manager in international development cooperation for over 15 years. I also lead women's circles and workshops in Utrecht, the Netherlands (the city I call home).

Interested or curious. Click below and let's talk!

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